Quantum Field Theory II - II 2017

Professor Gustavo Burdman

Dept. of Mathematical Physics – Room 316

Classes: Wednesday and Friday, 10h at Room 206, Ala 2 Ed. Principal

I will not follow one textbook. At times I will be taking material from a specific book, which I will point out.  But I hope to provide a good set of lecture notes (see below).

Here is a list of books that I find useful, some of which have material I will present in class:

"An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory”, M. E. Peskin and D. V. Schroeder;
Quantum Field Theory”, Itzykson and Zuber;
“The Quantum Theory of Fields I and II”, S. Weinberg;

 "Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshell", A. Zee;
 "Modern Quantum Field Theory", T. Banks;
"Condensed Matter Field Theory", Altland and Simons;
"Advanced Quantum Field Theory", M. Shifman;
 "Dynamics of the Standard Model", J. Donoghue, E. Golowich and B. Holstein;
"Quantum Field Theory", M. Srednicki.

Class Notes

    III: Functional Integral for Many-body Systems

   IV: Symmetry Breaking I: Collective Phenomena

   V: Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking of Continuous Symmetries (Abelian)

VI: Spontaneous Breaking of Abelian Gauge Theories (Anderson-Higgs)

VII: Non-Abelian Gauge Theories 

VIII: Anderson-Higgs Mechanism for Non-Abelian Gauge Theories

  IX: Anomalies and Etc.

  X: Extended Field Configurations


Presentation Topics                                            

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