Marcos Lima


The Dark Energy Survey (DES) is an international collaboration involving researchers and institutions from the USA, England, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Brazil.

The main goal of the DES is to study the nature of dark energy through a combination of cosmological probes, helping clarify the causes of cosmic acceleration.

I am a member and builder of the DES and have been a participant of the collaboration for over 10 years, participating in various working groups, including Photo-zs, Galaxy Clusters, Large Scale Structure and Theory.

Most of my students and post-docs are also involved in the DES, which provides great opportunities for collaboration with researchers abroad and direct contact with top research happening in Cosmology.

The DES collaboration has recently submitted various papers for its first data analysis from the so-called DES Science Verification Data. The collaboration is now working on the analysis of the DES official first year data, which is quite exciting and provides plently of research opportunities for students and post-docs.