Positions in Sao Paulo, Brazil

for People Affected by the War in Ukraine

The tragic events unfolded by the war in Ukraine include the displacement of millions of people, as well as the violent disruption of daily life. This has affected the work of many scholars in all fields. In response to this, the research funding agency of the State of Sao Paulo (FAPESP) has sprung into action to create opportunities for academics from the countries affected by the war (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia) to join institutions in the State of Sao Paulo and continue their work and life here, at least temporarily. 

Our institution, the University of Sao Paulo (USP), will be an active part in this effort. In order to expedite all the proceedings, FAPESP will be using existing research grants as a way to quickly create visiting professor or visiting scientist positions, which typically go for 12 months but can be extended. The aim of FAPESP is to be quick and flexible in making these opportunities come to fruition. 

Our  particle theory group (Enrico Bertuzzo, Gustavo Burdman, Oscar Eboli and Renata Funchal) has one such grant.
Anyone interested, please contact Gustavo Burdman at gaburdman@usp.br