Voce esta aquiFaculty Position in Quantum Information

Faculty Position in Quantum Information

The Institute of Physics, University of São Paulo is inviting applications for an assistant faculty  position in the field of Quantum Information. This includes quantum computation, quantum communication, quantum metrology, and their correspondent physical implementations, as well as the possible relations of Quantum Information Science with fundamental physics through areas such as holography and topological materials. The Physics Institute intends to boost its presence in Quantum Information Science and this position is a first step in that direction. 


The University of Sao Paulo (USP) is among the top research institutions in Latin America, and the Physics Institute is a dynamic, multi-disciplinary environment.

Candidates are expected to carry out high-level, independent research, to mentor students, teach at the undergraduate and/or graduate level, and to participate in outreach activities.


Compensation is commensurate with research institutions around the world, with a teaching load similar to U.S. and European universities.


For more details, including instructions regarding the application procedure, please contact Gustavo Burdman at burdman@fma.if.usp.br. The application deadline is September 24 2018.




Application process



Applicants with a strong research record in Quantum Information are encouraged to begin the application process early, by following the two-step process outlined below.



1) The first step in the application process is obtaining a certification of your Ph.D. from USP



2) The second step is the submission of your full application, with a CV and statement of research interests.



Step 1 (only needed for those with a Ph.D. diplomma obtained outside of Brazil)


E-mail the following documents to the address: cpgusp@if.usp.br, with copy to fismat@fma.if.usp.br, with the subject line: Pedido de equivalencia,

Ref. Concurso Informacao Quantica




Required documents:



(a) the filled, dated and signed form which can be found on this link


(b) a scanned copy (PDF) of your passport or ID document


(c) a copy (PDF) of your Ph.D. thesis


(d) a copy (PDF) of your Ph.D. diploma


(e) a copy (PDF) of your graduate transcript*


[* If your Ph.D. institution does not require graduate courses, please attach a letter stating that.]



Step 2 


After Step 1 has been completed, and you have received the certification by USP (or, alternatively, if you already have a diploma valid in Brazil), submit your full application by early August to the e-mail:fismat@fma.if.usp.br, with the subject line: INSCRICAO PARA CONCURSO DE INFORMACAO QUANTICA. *


[* Se você for brasileiro(a), essa fase deve ser feita diretamente pelo site oficial dos concursos da USP.]




Required documents*, all in PDF format:


(a) the Ph.D. certification (see Step 1)


(b) a research proposal or statement of research interests


(c) a narrative about of your reasearch experience from graduate school on and a description of your research interests, followed by your CV (this document should be entitled Memorial and it must contain a complete list of your publications with appropriate referencing)


(d) this filled form 


[* Letters of recommendation are not required at this point, but If you wish,


you may send them to your local contact or to the department's e-mail.]