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Warped Radion Dark Matter - Seminário Especial

By root - Posted on 09 junho 2011

Eduardo Pontón, Columbia University
Segunda-feira, 16 Maio, 2011 - 16:00

Models for physics beyond the Standard Model have been highly influenced by the apparent sensititvity of the weak scale to ultra-short distance physics. One possible scenario that can provide a rationale for hierarchies such as the Planck-weak scale hierarchy is based on strongly curved ("warped") extra dimensions. At the same time the dark matter (DM) content of the universe hints at a connection to the electroweak scale. I propose a relatively general framework of warped extra dimensions that naturally contains a stable weak scale relic. I argue that this DM candidate is likely to be closely tied to the most characteristic feature of extra-dimensional models, namely the fact that coherent oscillations in the size of the extra dimensions appear to 4D observers as scalar particle excitations of a "radion field". I discuss how the correct relic density for such a DM candidate can be realized in thermal and non-thermal scenarios. I also discuss the prospects for direct and indirect detection, as well as handles in collider experiments.