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Direct and Indirect Probes of New Physics at the LHC

By bertuzzo - Posted on 09 agosto 2015

Dr. Gero von Gersdorff (IFT)
Terça-feira, 27 Outubro, 2015 - 11:00


The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is currently collecting data at unprecedented energies of 13 TeV, raising hopes for a first glimpse of New Physics beyond the Standard Model. Considering the large number of proposed theories, the best search strategy would have to be as model-independent as possible. I will discuss several such approaches, based on both direct and indirect signals. The former case is typically a search for resonant production of new particles. I will describe simple effective theories for such resonances that cover a large class of New Physics scenarios, and apply it to an intriguing excess of events recently reported by the ATLAS collaboration. Indirect searches on the other hand rely on precision measurements of Standard Model observables. These can be powerful and complementary to direct searches, especially if the new particles are outside the reach of the LHC. One such example that I will discuss is light by light scattering.