Voce esta aquiString theory and real world predictions

String theory and real world predictions

By bertuzzo - Posted on 19 março 2015

Prof. Horatiu Nastase (IFT-UNESP)
Terça-feira, 5 Maio, 2015 - 11:00


String theory has got the reputation that it doesn't predict anything. In this
colloquium, we will see that on the contrary, we can use it in a variety of ways,
obtaining various predictive models. As a fundamental theory, we can obtain
cosmological models, in particular inflation, chameleonic cosmology, string gas
cosmology, among others. We can also use it as a tool to solve nonperturbative
problems via the so-called AdS/CFT correspondence, applying it to nuclear physics
issues like the production of quark-gluon plasma, or to condensed matter issues
like superconductivity and quantum critical phases.