Voce esta aquiCTA: the next generation of air imaging Cherenkov telescopes

CTA: the next generation of air imaging Cherenkov telescopes

By bertuzzo - Posted on 06 agosto 2015

Prof. Edivaldo Moura Santos (IF-USP)
Terça-feira, 13 Outubro, 2015 - 11:00
In the last three decades, gamma-ray astronomy has experienced a lot of progress,
especially due to the development of the air imaging Cherenkov technique, in which 
very high energy photons (E > 10 GeV) are studied through the secondary radiation emitted by the particle cascades initiated at the top of the atmosphere by the primary
photon. The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) wil represent the third generation of such telescopes and aims at achieving full sky coverage with observatories in both hemispheres, covering four orders of magnitude in energy (10^10 eV a 10^14 eV, approximately), lowering the flux sensitivity by a factor 10 and operating with improved energy and angular resolutions. In this seminar we present the status of the project and discuss some of the physics/astrophysics topics to which the CTA is expected to bring a contribution in the near future.