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The moment of truth for neutralino Dark Matter?

By bertuzzo - Posted on 27 fevereiro 2015

Dra. Maria Eugenia Cabrera (IFUSP)
Terça-feira, 19 Maio, 2015 - 11:00
Gravitational effects from astronomical observations, such as anomalous
rotation curves of galaxies and gravitational lensing, suggest the existence
of non-luminous Matter (Dark Matter) which is also necessary to explain the
large scale structure formation of the Universe. To identify the nature of
Dark Matter and its possible connection with physics beyond the Standard Model
is one of the most interesting open problems in high energy physics.  Amongst
the many Dark Matter candidates proposed, weakly interacting massive particles
(WIMPs) are the most studied because one can naturally obtain the correct
relic density for weak scale interaction and masses. In particular the
neutralino, one of the favorite Dark Matter candidates in Supersymmetric
scenarios, has become over the years a prototypical example of WIMPs.
In this colloquium I will summarize the status of the neutralino as Dark
Matter candidate in the framework of the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard
Model, and comment on the possibility to test this hypothesis with current and
next generation experiments.