Voce esta aquiStability of (asymptotically) Anti-de Sitter space-times

Stability of (asymptotically) Anti-de Sitter space-times

By bertuzzo - Posted on 26 fevereiro 2015

Prof. Betti Hartmann (USP)
Terça-feira, 17 Março, 2015 - 11:00


Anti-de Sitter (AdS) as well as asymptotically AdS (aAdS) space-times
have gained lots of interest recently, mainly due to the Anti-de Sitter/Conformal Field Theory (AdS/CFT)
correspondence.  Since the boundary of AdS - unlike that of Minkowski space-time -
is time-like important differences appear. This includes the properties of black holes
as well as the non-linear stability. Black holes in AdS can become thermodynamically unstable to
form scalar hair close to their horizon. This onset of an instability has been
used in various settings to describe phenomena in strongly coupled field theories.
Moreover, while it has been proven that AdS is linearly stable with respect to
scalar, vector and tensor perturbations, recent results seem to indicate that AdS is
non-linearly unstable to the formation of black holes under arbitrary
inital data. If this turns out to be true, the AdS/CFT correspondence would imply
that the CFT on the AdS boundary would always thermalize.
On the other hand, aAdS solutions exist that can be non-linearly stable.
Examples are black hole as well as globally regular solutions. In this talk, I will review what is known
about the (in)stability of (a)AdS, mention the implications and point out future directions.