Voce esta aquiBSM/SUSY phenomenology at the LHC

BSM/SUSY phenomenology at the LHC

By bertuzzo - Posted on 08 abril 2015

Dra. Suchita Kulkarni (Vienna, OAW)
Terça-feira, 12 Maio, 2015 - 11:00


The 7 and 8 TeV Run1 of the LHC has brought to us the discovery of a Higgs boson and plethora of results for Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) searches. Even if there has been no evidence of BSM so far, these results are crucial in constraining the parameter space of BSM scenarios. In this talk, I will take a survey of the current existing direct and indirect constraints on Supersymmetry from the LHC and the efforts in the theory world to use these constraints systematically and effectively. I will further illustrate with some case studies, the conclusions that can be derived for SUSY parameter space after LHC Run1.